The SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is now…Fact Forward.

We recently completed a rebranding process and wanted to keep you updated with our progress! We're changing our name and logo, and we'll be getting a brand new website soon.

Why did we change our name?Fact Forward: Advancing Reproductive Health

We do a lot more than just preventing teen pregnancy, and we have had a broader focus on reproductive health for years. Our work addresses a wide range of audiences – pre-teens and young adults, males and females – and we work to prevent not just unintended pregnancies, but also STIs. With our new name, we're hoping to be more inclusive, suggesting a broader audience and an expanded reach.

We also wanted a name that allowed us to evolve as an organization. Over the last 25 years, we have had enormous success in reducing teen pregnancy rates – in fact, they’ve dropped by 70%! But today we face other challenges, like rising STI rates and unintended pregnancies among 19-24 year olds. Our new name is broad enough that it will allow us to address any new challenges in the reproductive health arena, today and in the future.

Why did we choose Fact Forward?

We like Fact Forward because it encompasses the essence of what we do: providing evidence-based strategies to partners who directly affect health outcomes, including doctors, nurses, educators, parents, and community leaders. Combined with our tagline, Advancing Reproductive Health, we feel this name succinctly represents what we're doing today while also giving us room to grow!

How will this affect our work? Is it changing?

We're actually bringing our name in line with what we're already doing — working with our partners to promote evidence-based strategies for reproductive health.

How do we do it?


We train professionals across the state about best practices in teen reproductive health. This includes working with partners to:

  • Educate teens on how to make better choices, delay sexual activity, use contraception, and prevent repeat births
  • Urge schools to increase access to comprehensive sex education
  • Provide teen-friendly reproductive health services


We facilitate a responsible transfer of knowledge between the media, youth-serving professionals, and community members with annual events that bring people together.


We conduct research and analyze data to improve programs. We create simple, powerful, actionable reports that can be used to advocate for state and local policies that promote better reproductive health.


We believe that local communities are in the best position to identify what resources they need, so we provide nearly $1 million in annual funding to local organizations that support the implementation of evidence-based reproductive health education.