Spartanburg County Joint Funders

Involvement with the SC Campaign

In 2007, a group of funders in Spartanburg County (Mary Black Foundation, United Way of the Piedmont, Spartanburg County Foundation, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare Systems Foundation) came together with a goal of jointly investing in – and reducing – teen pregnancy in Spartanburg County. The Joint Funders called on the SC Campaign for assistance and since that time have invested significant resources that have allowed the SC Campaign to open a full-time office in Spartanburg County and coordinate county level efforts targeting schools and youth serving community groups. In addition to this type of jointly funded effort being innovative, it has also been incredibly successful. Since the inception of this partnership, the teen birth rate in Spartanburg County has decreased by more than 20%, a decrease larger than state averages over that same time. Other communities in South Carolina and across the country are now asking “how did Spartanburg do it?” The answer lies largely in the commitment of the Joint Funders.

"I would say that teen pregnancy is not only the most important accomplishment that this group shares, but it has laid a foundation for us to partner on other important issues as well. So adolescent pregnancy prevention has, in a lot of ways, helped us to solidify our relationship and has made us better partners." - Chris Steed, President & CEO, United Way of the Piedmont

About the Joint Funders

The Spartanburg County Joint Funders is a collaboration of four individual grant making organizations, namely Mary Black Foundation, The Spartanburg County Foundation, Spartanburg Regional Foundation, and United Way of the Piedmont. Each of these institutions is directed by  unique missions and objectives, but share a commitment to advancing the common good in health and human services in Spartanburg County. The Joint Funders routinely work together around issues of common interest including adolescent pregnancy prevention, access to behavioral health, nonprofit capacity, and other community needs of mutual interest.