Michelle Nimmons

Involvement with the SC Campaign

Michelle Nimmons has made a significant impact on the youth in Bamberg County as the director of the Bamberg County School/Community Sexual Risk Reduction Project for Teens with the Denmark-Olar Teen Life Center.  In addition to her work at the local level, Michelle spent many years working directly with the SC Campaign as a consultant helping to build the capacity of community and school-based initiatives across the state.  Michelle is recognized as a national leader in the conversation about community-based teen pregnancy prevention programs.  She was honored by the SC Campaign as the first recipient of the Murray L. Vincent Outstanding Prevention Professional Award in 2008.
"Michelle is a phenomenal woman; I tell her all the time that when I grow up, I want to be just like her.  I am impressed by Michelle because she decided she would dedicate her professional career to teen pregnancy prevention...And I'm so impressed with what she has been able to do and the strides she has been able to make in this field." - Stacey McPhail, Director, Maternal & Child Health Initiative, Office of Community Health, Palmetto Health


Michelle works with the Denmark-Olar Teen Life Center, a nationally recognized school-based program that was established in 1982 as a collaborative effort between USC School of Public Health and the citizens of Bamberg County. The comprehensive abstinence-based program provides age appropriate sexuality education to youth ages 8-19, includes a community awareness campaign, quarterly newsletter, monthly parent and child education sessions and trains peer educators. Michelle is a Winthrop College graduate with a degree in Family/Child Development and Social Work. She currently works as the Director of Human Resources at Bamberg School District Two.