Denominational Support for Sexuality Education

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

“Sexuality is a mysterious life-long aspect of human relationships… Human sexuality was created good for the purposes of expressing love and generating life, for mutual companionship and pleasure.” (1996)

Reform Judaism

“Sexuality and sexual statement are integral and powerful elements in the potential wholeness of human beings… Every Jew should seek to conduct his/her sexual life in a manner that elicits the intrinsic holiness within the person and the relationship.” (1998)

Reformed Presbyterian Church

“Sexuality begins with a belief in a God of love who has created us as sexual beings to relate to one another in love. We believe in educating young people so they can learn about all aspects of sexuality, including the physical aspects, the emotional aspects, the beliefs and values we hold that inform our sexuality, and the appropriate ways to make decisions about our sexuality.” (1980)

The United Methodist Church

“We recognize the continuing need for full, positive, age-appropriate and factual sex education opportunities for children, young people, and adults. The Church offers a unique opportunity to give quality guidance and education in this area…” (1996)

The Episcopal Church

“The Episcopal Church strongly urge dioceses and congregations to provide a safe, hospitable environment for frank conversation with youth and young adults about human sexuality, to share and teach accurate information, and to promote dialogue, within the context of the Baptismal Covenant.” (2001)