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SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy Receives Funds to Support Reproductive Health Education in Greenville County

Friday, July 6, 2018

Greenville, SC – The Graham Foundation of Greenville has awarded the SC Campaign $30,000 to build the capacity of local organizations to prevent unintended pregnancies among local teens and young adults. Over the next year, the project, called Greenville Reproductive Education for Adults and Teens (G.R.E.A.T) Initiative, will provide support for youth-serving professionals in the area, specifically working with local partners,  Momentum Bike Clubs and Serenity Place. Capacity building includes one-on-one facilitation and planning support, several training opportunities and the ability to sustain evidence based programming for years to come. The goal is, by the end of the project, partner organizations will have the capacity to plan, implement, evaluate, and sustain evidence based practices to prevent unintended pregnancies among the clients they serve. The SC Campaign is excited to partner with the Graham Foundation and local Greenville area partners to address the issue. “We look forward to ongoing partnerships and continued progress in the county. We are energized by the possibilities for youth and young adults around Greenville”, says Amanda Leeson, Capacity Building Coordinator at the SC Campaign. For more information about the project, contact Amanda Leeson at 803-771-7700 or email