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SC Campaign CEO Forrest Alton Releases a New Statement on Federal Budget

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Columbia, SC - On June 23rd, the Senate Appropriations Labor, Health and Human Services and Education (LHHS) Subcommittee passed its version of the Fiscal Year 2016 spending bill, which dramatically cuts critical programs proven to reduce teen and unplanned pregnancy, reduce abortion, and save tax dollars. This comes on the heels of the House subcommittee’s bill that eliminated TPPP and Title X entirely. These actions combined put both programs in great jeopardy. Forrest Alton, Chief Executive Officer at the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy has released the latest statement:

“This is an exceptionally disappointing, frustrating, and short sighted decision from House and Senate leadership. The teen birth rates in South Carolina and across the United States are at historic lows, and this progress didn’t happen by chance. Significant acknowledgment should and must be given to public health initiatives at the federal level which have made investments in programs that work, have sustained programming over time, and have ultimately had a tremendous impact on children and families. The recent House of Representatives and Senate draft funding bills, which completely decimate and in some cases eliminate funding for the Title X program and the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, is a massive step backwards after 20 years of progress, is in direct contrast to a stated desire from lawmakers and the voting public to fund what works in social service programs and all areas of government, and will negatively impact thousands of young people in South Carolina. 

At a time when so much progress has been made on this issue – an issue that is directly connected to poverty, health, graduation rates, workforce competitiveness, and costs to taxpayers – this draft funding bill would undo decades of work in an instant and devastate programs in our state that serve vulnerable populations and high-need communities. South Carolina’s delegation in particular should understand the need to continue to fund research proven programs that help young people graduate, become competitive in the workforce, escape poverty, and avoid becoming parents as teenagers. We strongly urge members of the House and Senate, specifically our South Carolina delegation, to stand up and do what’s right and restore funding for these critical programs.”

What Can You Do?

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is on the Senate Appropriations Committee that will debate this issue this week. Call Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Tim Scott TODAY and urge them to continue fully funding the evidence-based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP) and the Title X program for Fiscal Year 2016. They must hear from South Carolinians the dramatic, negative impact these cuts would have on our state. For our supporters and partners outside of South Carolina, to find out who your member of Congress is — click here.

Additional details can be found on the Agency’s Federal Funding Resources webpage.