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SC Campaign Road Show Lunch ‘n Learn in Aiken County

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

(Aiken Standard)— The SC Campaign partnered with Helping Hands of Aiken and Aiken Youth Empowerment to host a community lunch last Thursday. CEO Forrest Alton shared the latest information about teen pregnancy in South Carolina, including data that close to 6,000 girls under 20 years old gave birth in 2011.  Aiken County ranked 29th out of 46 counties for teen births among 15-19 year olds in 2011.

Alton said, “No matter how you frame it and no matter how you look at it, it's not good for the overall health and economic well-being of our communities for children to have children.  Although teen pregnancy rates have decreased nearly 40% over the last twenty years, in order to keep rates shrinking, South Carolina communities must improve efforts to teach medically accurate sex education in schools and make contraception available to teens who decide to have sex.""

Carmen Landy, executive director of Helping Hands followed Alton’s talk with an audience discussion about ways to lower teen pregnancy rates in Aiken County.  Attendees suggested offering more after school activities for teens and including faith-based organizations in teen pregnancy prevention efforts.

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