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Real Talk 4 Real Life Forum Helps Parents, Youth Discuss Issues

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Suzanne Stone--

Moderated by former Aiken Youth Empowerment board chair Molly Campbell, the forum featured a keynote speech by Forrest Alton, the CEO of the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

""I enjoy being able to get out of the office and talk to young people and parents. My challenge today is to kick off the day and get your brains working today,"" Alton said. Alton discussed the importance of being a good role model for children, having more frank conversations with children, recognizing the challenges young people face today and keeping children busy with positive activities and emphasized how much adults matter in children's lives.

""I think it's particularly nice that there are opportunities like this for young people and parents to do things together,"" Alton said. ""That's something we struggle with; often, we'll do a great event for kids and during it say, 'I wish we had the parents here.' It's unique and special when we can do that.""

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