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Freeze Frame: A Snapshot of America's Teens

Monday, June 4, 2012

Freeze Frame: A Snapshot of America's Teens, a new publication from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, includes not only trends on key measures such as sexual activity, contraceptive use, and pregnancy, but also other indicators ranging from teens’ relationships with parents and peers, to community involvement, educational achievement and aspirations, and media consumption. While no single volume can provide a truly comprehensive portrait of teens, this compilation of indicators presents recent trends in teen childbearing and teen pregnancy in a broader context.

Freeze Frame is an update to the National Campaign's original volume published in 2005. The update is timely given not only the extent to which teen pregnancy and childbearing continues to decline,but also given the sea change in teens’ lives, particularly their interaction with media. From mobile phones to social networking with friends, these advances in technology and the way we all communicate have transformed how teens communicate with each other.

Of course, these changes also provide a new and promising way to reach teens as well. Freeze Frame is grouped into five main categories—sex and related measures, peer and family relationships, school, community, and media.

Check it out and order copies directly from the National Campaign.