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SC Campaign CEO to represent teen pregnancy challenge at TEDMED conference

Monday, April 9, 2012

 Forrest Alton, CEO of the SC Campaign, has been invited to serve as the “advocate” for the challenge of Teen Pregnancy in a TEDMED program designed to promote understanding of 50 Great Challenges of Health and Medicine.

    TEDMED has invited 50 Challenge Advocates to each promote their specific Challenge, and the TEDMED community votes 20 of those Challenges as the focus for the coming year.  Based on the website the program aims to ""share cutting-edge ideas and unusual perspectives. TEDMED believes that before America can effectively address its most complex and persistent health issues, we need a broader, richer understanding of these Challenges.""
    Each Challenge Advocate participates in the conference by means of initiating informal conversations about their issue, in hopes to secure its selection as one of the year’s 20 Great Challenges. Those selected will become part of a year-long discussion to advance collaboration on the issue.

    “Given the link maternal age has to the overall health and economic well being of communities, it’s certainly fitting that the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has selected preventing teen motherhood as one of its 50 great challenges to address during TEDMED,"" said Forrest.  ""I’m really excited about participating as a ‘Challenge Advocate’ and consider it a great opportunity to continue moving the field’s efforts forward.”  

    Keep up with Forrest on Twitter (as he will be tweeting this week from the event.