Let's Talk Month

Every October, the SC Campaign participates in Let’s Talk Month, a public awareness campaign led by Advocates for Youth that encourages open communication between young people and their parents or other trusted adults. Believe it or not, teens want to hear from their parents regarding love, sex, and relationships. Starting age-appropriate conversations early and continuing them into early adulthood will help young people make smarter decisions regarding their sexual health. To learn more about Let's Talk Month, visit www.advocatesforyouth.org/lets-talk-month.

Visit www.NotRightNowSC.org/parents for tips on talking to teens about love, sex, and relationships. 

Social Media

Join the conversation for Let's Talk Month. Challenge yourself and other askable adults to start important conversations about love, sex and relationships with the child in your life. Feel free to use the following sample tweets and click to download the social media images and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #LetsTalkSC.     








Public Awareness Resources

Promote parent-child communication by hanging posters in your community. Download here.