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Resource Library Disclaimers

In borrowing materials from the Resource Library, you agree to understand and abide by the following:

This is a compiled list of all resources available in the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy's (SC Campaign) Resource Library. It is not a list of recommendations, rather a list of materials that are available. As always, the SC Campaign strongly suggests that the curriculum you use fits your population, community needs and community values.

All materials, videos, CD-ROMS and DVDs should be reviewed by the facilitator and organization prior to usage with youth in order to guarantee the materials meet the needs of your community needs and values.

All materials taught on school grounds must be approved by the local school districts Comprehensive Health Education Advisory committee prior to use. Not all materials on this list meet the guidelines of South Carolina's Comprehensive Health Education Act. As a result, some adaptations may be needed before materials are approved and before any material is presented to students.

Return and Fee Policy for Resource Library Materials

The SC Campaign is committed to providing local programs evidence based curricula and other resources to assist adolescent health care providers in disseminating comprehensive sexuality education. By accepting this agreement, you understand you are responsible for the curriculum and/or other resources you borrow from the SC Campaign's Resource Library. This includes ensuring that the materials are approved prior to use AND that you agree to return the borrowed item(s) to the SC Campaign by the due date identified.

These resources may be borrowed, but must be returned to the SC Campaign Resource Library by the required due date to avoid a $2.00 a day late fee-per day, that the material(s) are overdue. Failure to return items either a timely manner or in a worse condition than received will result in required replacement of all material(s) borrowed. In addition, if materials are not returned by the third attempt for return, the borrowing individual or organization will be invoiced for the full cost of replacement for material(s) borrowed.

Resource Library material will be available within 2-3 business days (pickup) or delivered within 14 business days (mail) after your request is made.

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