Step 9: Continuous Quality Improvement

As with most things, practice makes perfect. Planning, implementing, and evaluating a program is a large undertaking and you and your organization will, without a doubt, learn as you go.

  • Look back at your data to discover what you did well in addition to what needs improvement. Your evaluation efforts will be essential for completing this.
  • Tweak goals, objectives, activities and other elements of the program in order to better fit your target population.
  • Encourage your staff members to share their experiences and promote a culture of organizational learning.

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Step 10: Sustainability

Decide if the program you delivered should and can be sustained. If your program was effective in addressing community needs, you may be able to receive additional funding for future implementation.

  • Find a Program Champion (for example, a community leader) to promote your plan to potential funders.
  • Make sure as many people in your organization are trained in delivering the program as possible.
  • Record all objectives, activities, lesson plans, and other program information so that the program can easily be implemented by others in the future.

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