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Objectives are a crucial part of the program planning process because they guide your decisions regarding your program's future, and they will be the building blocks of your evaluation plan. Objectives are always SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

Because objectives are so important to program planning, we've created an Objective Generator that will help you write your own SMART objectives. Use the prompts to complete your objectives. Remember, most programs rely on more than one objective.

By  (a),  (b) will (c) as measured by (d).

For example:

By 1/1/2016, 50% of employees will increase their intentions to quit smoking as measured by an employee pre-post survey


Fill in when you want to see desired change. Be realistic and timely. Examples: "By June 2015; by August 1, 2016; by the end of the program."

By what date do you want to achieve your objective?


Describe who will make the desired change. Be specific and realistic. It is very difficult to achieve behavior change in all participants of a program. Examples: "25% of students enrolled in the Safer Choices program"; "A majority of parents attending First Baptist Church"; "30% of 9th graders who reported sexual activity in Richland County".

Who will have the desired change?

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Describe what will change. This is almost always a change in knowledge, attitude or behavior. Forcus on changes that are specific, measurable, achieveable, and realistic. It is NOT realistic to expect that after a three-month program, teen pregnancy rate will drop to zero, for example. Examples: "...will have a significant increase in condom negotiation skills"; "will view delayed initiation of sex as culturally acceptable"; "...will report condom use at last sex."

What is the desired change?

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Describe how you will measure the change. Examples: "...listing three condom negotiation tactics on a post-survey"; "...reporting condom use from pre to post-test"; "...using STI data available from DHEC".

How will you measure the desired outcome?

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Your Objective

By Date, Some % of Target Audience will have changed as measured by polls.

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Your Objective

By Date, Percentage% of Target Audience will have changed as measured by polls.