Evidence Based Programs for Schools

The best programs are guided by science, tested, and proven to work over time.

By focusing on what is already known, you can increase the chance of success for your program. Below are examples of evidence-based programs being taught in South Carolina schools:

Grades k-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

Want to find a program that's right for your school? Use our Evidence Based Program Assess for Fit Tool to get started.

A note about choosing programs: Please keep in mind that choosing an appropriate program for your youth and setting is a crucial part of the behavior change process. The examples provided above are not an exhaustive list of what's available and may not fit your needs. We encourage you to thoroughly explore the Evidence Based Program Assess for Fit Tool and contact us at campaign@teenpregnancysc.org with any questions.

*This program is not evidence-based; however, the SC Campaign considers it a "promising program."