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The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: Committee Opinion on LARC Methods (2012)


  • Adolescents should consider LARC methods when choosing birth control.
  • Healthcare providers should counsel sexually active teens about LARC methods and make them readily available.
  • Complications from LARC methods are rare and differ little between adolescents and older women.

National Association of School Nurses: Pregnant and Parenting Teens, The Role of the School Nurse (Revised 2015)


  • It is the responsibility of the school nurse to link pregnant and parenting teens to resources which will help them achieve academic success.
  • School nurses are important in developing and implementing evidence-based policies, procedures, and materials for students and parents regarding teen pregnancy.
  • School nurses can be instrumental in helping students plan for the future.

American Academy of Pediatrics: Emergency Contraception Should Be Available to Teen (2013)


  • Adolescents are more likely to use emergency contraception if it is prescribed in advance of need.
  • Emergency contraception can reduce the risk of pregnancy if used up t0 120 hours after unprotected intercourse and is most effective within 24 hours.
  • Emergency contraception is indicated for sexual assault, unprotected intercourse and contraceptive failure.