Spark Trainings

A Spark is a 15-minute online training created to provide an overview of topics to help youth-serving organizations enhance the services they provide to young people. Each Spark includes: PowerPoint presentation, facilitator script, and follow-up materials. Want to know more? Check out How to Facilitate a Spark.

Visit the University of Michigan Adolescent Health Initative website to download the materials below to host a spark training for your organization. We recommend the following Sparks trainings.

  1. Adolescent Brain Development
  2. Being an Askable Adult
  3. Being Youth-Friendly
  4. Cultural Responsiveness
  5. Non-verbal Communication Bias
  6. Stregth-based Approaches to Sexual Health
  7. Confidentiality Laws*

*A South Carolina-specific version will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

Need a more in-depth training? We offer a variety workshops for anyone who works with teens and parents, implements sexual health programs, or wants to become a more effective leader. Register for a scheduled workshop or request an onsite training for your group. Contact us at for more information.