Youth-Serving Organizations

As youth-serving organization, you play a key role in South Carolina. Achieving reductions in teen pregnancy rates requires a sustained commitment and investment in young people.  In order to accomplish this goal, please consider the following actions—

Learn how to implement a teen pregnancy prevention program that works.

  • Provide opporitunities for staff to become trained as facilitators for evidence-based programs by attending one of our trainings. Check out upcoming trainings on our Events Calendar.
  • Commit to professional development for you and your staff. Attending trainings or hosting a workshop will increase your comfort level when talking to youth about love, sex and relationships.

Provide a safe environment where sexuality, intimacy and relationships are discussed openly and honestly.

  • Provide a safe place where young people are free to discuss their concerns about love, sex and relationships.
  • Ensure young people are receiving consistent messages from all adults within your organizations.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to use teachable moments (i.e. popular culture, emdia) to educate young people.

Engage parents and other caring community members.

  • Make it convenient for parents to participate in your organization's programs and activities.
  • Help parents become more comfortable discussing love, sex and relationships with their youth by providing them with resources. provides valuable tips and information for both parents and teens.
  • Form partnerships with local businesses to help young people see the connection between academics and future work oppportunities. Research shows that providing youth with opportunities for work and education is crititical for pregnancy prevention.


Learn about the issue and how teen pregnancy affects young people in your county.