Faith Leaders

As a leader in your faith community, this guide offers you tools and tips to start addressing love, sex and relationships within your congregation. This guide does not have all the answers, so we encourage you to look to other sources such as to build your comfort level when communicating with others in your faith community about these tough topics.—

Why talk with my faith community about love, sex and relationships?

Talking to youth about love, sex and relationships within the context of faith can help provide clarity for those who have questions. As a faith leader, it is important to clearly define how these topics are viewed within the context of your faith tradition. Communicating openly can: 

  • Clearly define faith community values
  • Build communication between parents and young people
  • Help youth feel at ease about who they are and their sexuality
  • Help youth cope with their feelings and deal with peer pressure
  • Help youth take charge of their lives and have healthy, loving relationships
  • Help protect youth from sexual abuse

Learn about the issue and how teen pregnancy affects young people in your county.