Contact Your Representatives

Sometimes, it is difficult to determine what the best method of communication is for your local leaders. Call? Write? Meet in person? Personal meetings and face-to-face contact is always best. Calling is the next best method. Letters are effective when they are short and have specific details about how the issue affects you. Remember that legislative staff members can be invaluable! If you cannot make contact with your legislator, talk to their staff and ask the staff member to relay your information to the legislator. Also, ask to be added to your legislator's email or newsletter list.

CALL. To call a House member during the legislative Session, call 803-734-2402 and ask for them by name. To call a Senator during the legislative Session, call 803-212-6700.

    WRITE. To write your House member a letter, send it to PO Box 11186, Columbia, SC 29211. To write your Senator, send it to PO Box 142, Columbia, SC 29202.

    CLICK. Visit the South Carolina Statehouse online to find out who represents you and to email him/her directly.

      CONNECT. Some legislators now have Facebook and Twitter pages in addition to their campaign websites. Don't forget that these can be useful tools in maintaining a relationship with your legislator and finding out how they are staying active in your community.

      Ready to make contact?

      Be prepared no matter what form of communication you decide is most appropriate.

      • Have prepared talking points ready when you speak to your legislator.
      • Their time is limited, so get to the point.
      • Be considerate of their points-of-view.
      • Know your opposition and anticipate their arguments.
      • Tell them how the issue effects you and your family.