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Reducing the Risk Training of Facilitators

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 - 8:30am to Thursday, September 29th, 2016 - 4:00pm

This training will introduce participants to a research-proven curriculum – Reducing the Risk– and will provide the skills necessary to implement the curriculum with youth. RTR can be implemented with high school students in both rural and urban areas. It has been used successfully with students from a range of racial/ethnic backgrounds. Initially designed primarily for ninth grade students, it can be used with students in other appropriate grades (e.g., 8–12) or the appropriate age (e.g., 13–18).  The curriculum consists of sixteen, fifty minute modules with the greatest emphasis on teaching students the interpersonal or social skills they can use to abstain or protect themselves. Reducing the Risk takes a comprehensive approach to adolescent SEX and HIV/STD education, including both information on abstinence and condoms.  Throughout this two-day training, participants will learn how to become effective facilitators of the curriculum while learning tips for answering sensitive questions and how to identify potential barriers to implementing this evidence based program.

As a participant, you will learn how to:

  1. Understand the objectives, content, activities, and unique features of the Reducing the Risk curriculum.
  2. Understand the theoretical foundation of the Reducing the Risk curriculum and how they are applied in program activities.
  3. Apply teaching methodologies used in the Reducing the Risk curriculum through Teach Back Sessions.
  4. Identify basic information relating to HIV and STD prevention, contraception and condom use.
  5. Identify personal values and the impact of those values on their ability to effectively teach about adolescent sexuality issues.
  6. Identify guidelines for answering sensitive questions regarding sexuality, HIV, STDs, and adolescent pregnancy prevention.
  7. Identify potential barriers to implementing the Reducing the Risk Curriculum and describe strategies for overcoming those barriers.
  8. Complete a Next Steps Plan to implement Reducing the Risk with the youth they serve. 

Cost: $120 - lunch included (discount available for SC Campaign funded partners)

Trainers: Chris Rollison and Andrea Heyward, MHS, MCHES

SC Campaign Training Room
1331 Elmwood Avenue, Suite 140
Columbia, SC 29201