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FREE Webinar | Partnering with Parents to Reduce Adolescent Risk – Medical Home to Home Sweet Home

Thursday, December 8th, 2016 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

It’s a statistic you’re probably familiar with – risk behaviors cause 75% of adolescent morbidity and mortality. Yet, teens are among the lowest utilizers of healthcare – often receiving only an annual well-visit or sports physical. 

As providers, this significantly impacts our ability to provide ongoing risk-reduction counseling to address the multitude of experiences, peer influences and physical and behavioral changes that occur outside of the office. 

Developing effective strategies that enable honest, meaningful, two-way communication between patient and provider is a critical first step in adolescent risk reduction. 

Helping parents adopt and employ these same communication strategies on a daily basis with their teen closes a critical gap – and strengthens the coordination of care between provider, parent and patient.  

This webinar will explore::

  • Tips and techniques for connecting with teens for effective risk reduction communication and counseling
  • Best practices for engaging parents both in the office and when they return home
  • Resources to support both the clinical staff and parents in adolescent risk reduction strategies

Presented by: Dr. Jennifer Salerno