Murray L. Vincent Outstanding Prevention Professional Award

The Murray L. Vincent Outstanding Prevention Professional Award is the highest and most distinguished award given by the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. In honor of Dr. Murray Vincent, the award recognizes an individual who has significantly impacted the prevention of adolescent pregnancy in South Carolina while exemplifying the characteristics of the award’s namesake. The annual award will be presented at the SC Campaign’s Annual Summer Institute in June. Recipients of the award will receive a $500 stipend to continue their prevention work and a lifetime scholarship to the Summer Institute. 

We are now accepting nominations for the 2019 Murray L. Vicent Outstanding Prevention Professional Award. Submissions are due by Friday, May 10, 2019.

  • Nominees must be a resident of South Carolina or demonstrate that they have made a significant impact on youth in South Carolina through regional or national work.
  • Nominees must be recognized and known for exhibiting characteristics exemplified by Dr. Vincent:
    • A true passion for the prevention of teen pregnancy and a role model for others;
    • A history of making a difference in the lives of young people through health education;
    • A dedication to ensuring that all young people in South Carolina receive high-quality, comprehensive, age-appropriate sexuality education;
    • A record of high personal and professional standards and excellence in their profession.
  • Nominees must demonstrate a history of service, leadership and high quality program delivery.

All nominations will be reviewed by a panel comprised of the SC Campaign’s CEO and Board Chair, a member/designee of the Vincent family, and all past winners of the award.

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