Call for Presentations Submission Form

PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS HERE before proceeding with this application.

ALSO, by submitting this application, you will be considered the lead presenter if you have any co-presenters. You will be responsible for coordinating the proposed workshop among any co-presenters. The lead presenter serves as the SOLE LIAISON between SC Campaign staff and all speakers presenting within this proposed workshop.

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This is placed in final program, so please be specific, concise and creative!

If accepted, the information you provide within this section will be printed in the conference program. Participants make their decision to attend sessions based on the session title, description, and objectives. Make certain your information is concise, intriguing, and accurate.

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List up to four (at least two) specific learning objectives/outcomes or attendee "take-aways" which reinforce the information from the descriptive copy above, but are focused on what will be accomplished by participants within the session. Each of the objectives assumes the starting phrase (e.g.)" in this session, attendees will be able to " (example, demonstrate, enhance, select, plan, describe). Keep in mind that each breakout session is 90 minutes total. If we choose to consider your presentation for one of our 3-hour power session slots, we will follow up to ensure that times are updated accordingly.

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