Onsite Training

The SC Campaign offers your organization the opportunity to host trainings tailored to meet your needs. You'll get the same high quality valuable training we offer in our advertised workshops — delivered where and when you want it!

To request an onsite training, please complete the Onsite Training Form. If you have additional questions, please contact our Capacity Building Department at (803) 771-7700 or via training@teenpregnancysc.org.

NOTE: The SC Campaign requires a 45-day notice to schedule onsite trainings. View our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Available Onsite Trainings

NEW! Askable Adult: Learning How to Talk with Teens about Tough Topics (5 contact hours)

Every moment with a teen is precious! This interactive workshop is designed to help make those rare moments positive and beneficial for the teen. This is an excellent opportunity for teen-serving professionals to improve your communication skills so you never miss an opportunity to support adolescents’ healthy decisions.

Breaking the Silence (3 contact hours)
Breaking the Silence is a faith-based sexuality education model developed to assist local congregations, parents, guardians, and clergy address sex and sexuality to assist teens in making healthy life choices.

Contraceptive Technologies (3 or 6 contact hours)
This interactive workshop will discuss contraceptive methods, issues related to method use, current developments in reproductive health care and clinic education techniques.

Darkness to Light (2.5 contact hours)
This sexual abuse prevention training focuses on Darkness to Light’s “7 Steps to Protecting our Children,” a set of best practice prevention strategies shown to be effective.

Designing Programs with Intent (6 contact hours)
This workshop introduces BDI Logic Models and will give participants an understanding of program development, design and evaluation. This training is ideal with Evaluating Programs with Intent.

Evaluating Programs with Intent (6 contact hours)
This workshop introduces basic program evaluation and will give participants an understanding of evaluation design, methods, and measurements. It will also teach participants to use evaluation data to improve their teen pregnancy prevention programs. This training is ideal with Designing Programs with Intent.

Guidelines at a Glance (6 contact hours)
This training is ideal for medical care providers who want to better serve their youth clients. It will teach participants how to assess their clinic using the Guidelines for Effective Teen Health Services.

Making a Difference! and/or Making Proud Choices (6 or 11 contact hours)
Making a Difference! is an abstinence-based approach to teen pregnancy prevention while Making Proud Choices! includes abstinence and information on contraception. Both curricula are targeted at middle school African American, Hispanic and White adolescents.

Safer Choices (6 or 11 contact hours)
Safer Choices is an integrated (HIV and pregnancy prevention) research proven curriculum targeting ninth and tenth graders that has been approved by the South Carolina Department of Education.