Why should I become certified?

An APP Certification is an original professional development opportunity, unique to our state, certifying you as an expert in providing the best in reproductive health education and services to South Carolina's youth. By earning an APP Certificate, you will:

  • Further your development as an Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention professional;
  • Achieve certification through USC Arnold School of Public Health, an accredited institution;
  • Enhance your knowledge in science-based adolescent pregnancy prevention strategies;
  • Work closely with USC Arnold School of Public Health faculty and staff of the SC Campaign;
  • Obtain hands-on professional experience during the project phase of the program.

How do I qualify for the APP Certificate Program?

A minimum of a high school education and one year experience in the field of teen pregnancy prevention or related field is required for practitioners to be eligible. An associate or advanced degree in a related field may be accepted in lieu of experience. Applicants must also be in the field of adolescent reproductive health and related professions.

What should I do if I want to apply?

  • Ensure you meet the basic education and experience requirements
  • Complete the application form, including the Statement of Intent Section
  • Obtain two (2) letters of recommendation, using the Letter of Recommendation Form.
  • Pay the non-refundable application fee ($25), either on-line via credit card or submit payment along with the invoice printed from the website.

When can I apply?

Applications will only be reviewed twice a year; once in the spring (April) and once in the fall (October).

Is the APP Certificate Program limited to a certain number of applicants?

Yes. Only a limited number of applicants (approximately 25 persons) will be accepted into the Certificate Program during each enrollment period.

If I submit an application and pay the application fee, will I automatically be accepted into the APP Certificate Program?

No. Each application will be reviewed to determine acceptance into the program.

Who will decide if I am accepted?

The APP Certificate Application Review Board comprised of SC Campaign staff, USC Arnold School of Public Health faculty and practicing professionals will review the applications and determine acceptance.

When do I find out if I am accepted into the APP Certificate Program?

You will be notified of acceptance within 4-6 weeks after the application (spring and fall) deadlines. All applicants will be contacted by the SC Campaign.

How much will the APP Certificate Program cost?

Application fee: $25
Enrollment fee: $225
Enrollment fee for retirees or full-time students: $200

The enrollment fee is due upon acceptance into the APP Certificate Program. This fee covers only your participation in the certificate program. The enrollment fee does not cover standard registration fees for SC Campaign trainings and educational opportunities.

Will I be able to obtain a scholarship for any portion of the certificate process?

A limited number of scholarships will be available for applicants.

How many hours of education and training are required?

120 contact hours are required to earn an APP Certificate. 100 contact hours must be earned through coursework (trainings, online education, readings, etc.) and the remaining 20 contact hours are earned through a capstone project at the conclusion of your coursework.

Are there required courses?

Five (5) general content courses are mandatory (42 contact hours). An additional 36 contact hours must be earned from a selection of human sexuality education courses (12 contact hours) and program implementation courses (24 contact hours). The remaining 22 contact hours of coursework will be earned through approved electives. A complete listing of course requirements can be found here.

Are there any additional requirements for the APP Certificate other than attending trainings?

  • Workshop assignments; In addition to simply attending trainings, you may be required to complete a take-home assignment to demonstrate and apply what you have learned.
  • Capstone Project; at the conclusion of your coursework, 20 contact hours must be earned by conducting an approved project in conjunction with a USC-ASPH faculty advisor.

What is a Capstone Project?

The Capstone project is an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge you have acquired to design, plan, and evaluate a teen pregnancy prevention program. This project will be designed by the candidate and their advisor to successfully demonstrate the practical application of APP Certificate experiences.

Can coursework taken outside of the SC Campaign apply towards the APP Certificate?

The 78 contact hours from required content courses and 20 contact hours
from the capstone project must come from the SC Campaign. With prior approval, contact hours from USC-sponsored trainings may also be applied towards the rest of the required 120 contact hours.

Will on-site trainings from the SC Campaign count toward the requirements?

Yes, they can, as long as they meet the core or elective components.

Will Summer Institute (SI) offerings count toward the requirements?

At this time, Summer Institute sessions will not be counted towards APP Certificate credit.

Can I still earn CEU towards MAPPS or other certifications?

Yes, hours can still be utilized toward other certifications/requirements along with the APP Certificate. The SC Campaign will remain an approved provider of CEUs for MAPPS, CHES, Nurses, Social Workers, and Licensed Counselors and Therapists.

Who will maintain permanent records of participants in the APP Certificate Program?

All records will be maintained and available through USC. They will also issue transcript letters and replacement certificates for participants upon request.

What is the time-frame for completing the APP Certificate requirements?

All 120 contact hours must be completed within eight years of a persons' enrollment into the certificate program.

After I have received my APP Certificate, do I have to do anything to keep it current?

The APP Certificate is not time-limited; therefore there are no additional requirements, such as fees or continuing education, once you have earned your certificate.