APP Certificate Application

Please complete and submit this form, ensuring the below requirements are also completed, to the SC Campaign by the appropriate deadline.

Application Requirements

  1. Complete the entire application (including the Statement of Intent).
  2. Ensure two (2) letters of recommendation from a professional reference (someone who can vouch for your professional work history and experience) are completed and submitted. For a link to the Letter of Recommendation Form, please click here.
  3. Pay the application fee of $25 either online at or by check or money order (made payable to the SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy).

To guide your completion of this application, view an example of the Application Review Form here. This form will show what reviewers are looking for in each application.

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Applicant Information


Education and Relevant Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) training

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Experiences

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Please use this page to answer the following question: Why do you want to earn an Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Certificate?

I acknowledge that by signing below I have completed this application entirely and truthfully. I also have ensured additional application requirements have been completed, include the Letter of Recommendation from two (2) professional contacts, as well as the payment of the $25 application fee. I understand this application fee is non-refundable. In addition, by signing below, I understand the SC Campaign will notify me of my acceptance status within 4-6 weeks after the application deadline. If accepted, I will have one month to return the enrollment fee of $225 ($200 for retirees and full-time students).