APP Certification Program

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) Certificate

The Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) Certificate is one of the first of its kind in the United States and provides numerous benefits for professionals, employers, and the field of adolescent reproductive health.

Your interest in the APP Certificate program shows not only dedication to your own professional development but commitment to providing young people with the best, proven-effective programs available.

Below you will find additional information and answers to your questions about the APP Certificate program. As an introduction, it may be helpful to first read through the Frequently Asked Questions.

*Participants will have eight years from enrollment date to complete the APP Certificate.

Application Procedure

Please Note: New applications are not being accepted or processed at this time. The APP Certification is currently being reviewed and revised in a more user friendly format. Please contact if you would like to be notified when this certification becomes available.

To apply for the APP Certificate program, participants must have at least a high school diploma and one year experience in adolescent pregnancy prevention or a related field. An advanced degree may be substituted for professional experience. The APP Certificate application may be accessed here.

In addition to the application, two (2) Letters of Recommendation from professional references are required. Please complete and submit the application online. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee that can be paid via online, personal/organizational check, or money order. Additional information about enrollment fees can be found below.

Course Requirements

The APP Certificate Program Competencies and Course Requirements were developed based on the 10 Competencies of Getting to Outcomes (Wandersman, et al.). Based on this, 120 contact hours are required to earn an APP Certificate. 100 of these hours are earned through education and training, and the remaining 20 through a final capstone project.

Course Offerings

The SC Campaign offers a number of high-quality courses throughout the year. Participants can register for courses on the SC Campaign website, on a first-come, first-served basis. Before registering for a courses, it is the participant's responsibility to determine if it meets APP Certificate requirements.

Please note: Successful completion of the APP Certificate requires participation in SC Campaign trainings and educational programs. Registration fees for each course vary, but range between $50 and $100 per training and are not covered by the APP Certificate Program enrollment fee.

Scholarship Information

A limited number of scholarships are available for the APP Certificate enrollment fee. Some scholarships will cover the entire cost, while others may help supplement the cost. The scholarship amount will be determined by each applicant's need. After acceptance into the APP Certificate Program, participants can request a Scholarship Application, which must be completed and returned before enrollment.

Grandfathered Courses

The opportunity to grandfather a course was only available during the first year of the APP Certificate Program. The SC Campaign and APP Certificate Program Committee will no longer accept previously taken courses for APP Certificate credit.

Credit for courses from other agencies

After enrolling in the APP Certificate Program and with prior approval, up to 22 contact hours from University of South Carolina-sponsored trainings may be applied towards the required 120 contact hours. The remaining 78 contact hours from required content courses and 20 contact hours from the capstone project must come from the SC Campaign. Trainings from other agencies or universities, including coursework, may not be applied for APP Certificate credit.