Mustache Madness

VOTE for the guy you think has the best 'stache!

Every day 12 teenage girls give birth in South Carolina. These elite 8 men want to do something about it! They are growing a mustache and raising money for the SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. You can vote for the guy you think has the best (or the worst) ‘stache.

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Trooper Kitty and Mac

"I'm growing a stache because every young person deserves to live a purrfectly healthy life."
Online fundraising for The
Ashley Turner

"I'm growing a stache because this fundraiser is an easy way to engage with and bring awareness to this important initiative in SC."
Online fundraising for Ashley Turner's Mustache Madness 2016
Matthew Butler

"I'm growing a stache because I wanna do my small part to help a great cause."
Online fundraising for Matthew Butler's Mustache Madness 2016
Rev. Matthew Titus

"I'm growing a stache because as a father of two young girls and a pastor in a church with numerous youth, I think education and awareness about teen pregnancy is vital."
Online fundraising for Rev. Matthew Titus Mustache Madness 2016
Alex Bruton

"I'm growing a stache because every teen derserves a life full of sports, silly pranks, burritos and milkshakes before babies, bottles,and booster seats."
Online fundraising for Alex Bruton Mustache Madness 2016
Stig Toft Rasmussen

"I'm growing a stache because I’ll be taking my mustache on a tour of Iceland! Support my cause of mustache domination and see the wonders that this little island has to offer ."
Online fundraising for Stig Toft Rasmussen Mustache Madness 2016
Shawn Skillman

"I'm growing a stache because I do not want my daughter's dreams delayed because of an unplanned pregnancy."
Online fundraising for Shawn Skillman Mustache Madness 2016
Don Wilkie

"I'm growing a stache because I know the community impact of teen pregnancy and want to do my part to increase awareness for an organization doing great work to help decrease the teen birth rate."
Online fundraising for Don Wilkie Mustache Madness 2016


Competition Details

WHAT: 12 teens (15-19) give birth every day in South Carolina and we are looking for 12 men who are willing to do something about it. These brave souls will sign up for Mustache Madness, a friendly “Burt Reynolds” style competition that will raise money for the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

WHEN: Monday, March 7- Friday, April 8 (coinciding with March Madness National Championship).

RULES: Each competitor will begin Week 1 with a clean-shaven face and cannot shave his mustache for the duration of the competition UNLESS he reaches his fundraising goal! Each participant will set his own “hard to reach” goal and it is up to the public to determine the BEST STACHE via donations. All donations are tax-deductible.

How do we determine the BEST STACHE? That’s where the public comes into to play — each participant needs votes! The man who raises the most money during the five weeks will be crowned the winner.

How will donations be accepted?

  1. Online. Each contestant will have a website, set up by staff of the SC Campaign where they can securely receive money. Photos of the mustaches will be updated weekly.
  2. Face to Face. Contestants may collect donations of cash or checks (made payable to the SC Campaign) that they will submit weekly.
  3. By Mail. Please make checks payable to the SC Campaign and mail to 1331 Elmwood Avenue, Suite 140, Columbia, SC 29201. Include the name of the person you are supporting on the memo line of your check.

All donations are tax deductible.