The 7 Year Society

The 7 Year Society is a group of philanthropists who realize the financial, societal, and health implications teen pregnancy has on South Carolina, and are ready to make a difference. By joining the 7 Year Society, members are making a commitment to provide our youth with the education and resources they need to ensure they spend their 7 teenage years being teens, not parents.


Investments from members of the 7 Year Society will be used to seed and sustain an Innovation Fund for the SC Campaign. Funds used to finance specific projects that are innovative, impactful, and not otherwise funded by existing resources. Members of the 7 Year Society will provide a much needed investment specifically designed to:

  1. Turn Good Ideas Into Reality

    Our talented staff works in communities across the state with health educators, youth-serving professionals, social workers, medical professionals, teachers, and community advocates – people who have their finger on the pulse of what young people need to succeed. Their ideas are big, bold, and too often underfunded. Your investment will allow us to maximize the brain power of our staff and community partners, and ultimately turn their good ideas into reality.

  2. Fund Shovel Ready Projects

    Over the course of the past 12 months our organization awarded over $1.5 million dollars in direct support to schools, community groups, and health centers across the state. We’re proud of this investment, but recognize there are also countless applications that go unfunded. These applications end up in a “shovel ready” pile of projects that represent great ideas, from motivated partners, and no money to get them off the ground.

Questions? Contact the Communications Department at to learn more.

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Ready to make a commitment to support South Carolina's young people? Join the 7 Year Society today by making an annual $1,000 gift to the SC Campaign Innovation Fund. Your contribution can be made monthly, quarterly, or one-time — whatever works best for you!

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The South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your donation is tax-deductible as permitted by law.