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Teen Outreach Program (TOP)

Must be trained as a facilitator. Works best when it is added to an ongoing program rather than on its own.  

Curriculum Source:

Main Message: Key objective is avoiding adolescent pregnancy; reproductive health was not a primary topic in the classroom. Overriding message was that teens can and do make important contributions to the community. Lessons and discussion reinforced positive decision-making and promoted self-awareness and positive self worth. Abstinence and contraception are included. 

Target Population: Both genders from all racial backgrounds in 9th-12th grade.

Length: A total of nine months, meeting once a week, minimum of 20 hours of community service.

Program Size: No more than 15 participants per classroom.


  1. Supervised volunteering.
  2. Classroom discussion on volunteering.
  3. Other classroom activities and discussions to promote positive social development.  Changing Scenes Curriculum.