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Teen Health Project

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Main Message: The “Teen Health Project” is a community-level intervention designed to help adolescents develop behavior modification skills. The program is designed to reduce sexual activity, increase condom use and negotiation skills, and enable participants to reduce risky sexual behaviors. The program consists of adolescent and parent workshops, as well as a community-based teen leadership council.

Target Population: Both genders from all racial backgrounds who are low income, high risk, ages 12-17 years old.

Length: There are two THP workshops that last approximately 3 hours each, and are typically offered one week apart. The two follow-up sessions are semi-structured with a focus on workshop content lasting 90 to 120 minutes and are offered over the next four to five months. In addition, there is one loosely formatted 90-minute parent education session, giving parents an opportunity to hear about what their teens are learning. Parents also participate in parent-teen communication skills-building exercises, and have the option of viewing a condom demonstration. 

The Teen Health Project Leadership Council (Health Council), comprised of opinion leaders nominated by their workshop peers and facilitators meets each week for 90 minutes. Their meetings begin between the first and second follow-up sessions, and continue on a weekly basis for six months as they plan and implement monthly activities and quarterly events.

Program Size: Not specified.


There are two components to this program:

  1. Adolescent Workshops
  2. Community-Level Intervention

Adolescent Workshops:

  • This component includes two workshops (one per week, three hours each) delivered by two trained facilitators. Workshops are designed to empower participants in avoiding unwanted sexual activity, negotiation skills, condom use, and avoiding risky behaviors. Following each workshop, participants attend follow-up sessions with peers from their social networks in the housing development.

Community-Level Intervention:

This component has two parts:

  1. The first is the formation of a teen leadership council, which is populated through a nomination process from each workshop group. The council meets weekly for six months to implement community activities.
  2. The second part is a 90-minute HIV/AIDS workshop for parents focusing on information about HIV and AIDS and on ways to discuss sexual health-related issues with children. Participants are engaged in parent-teen communication skills-building exercises and can view a condom demonstration if they choose.