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Tailoring Family Planning Services to the Special Needs of Adolescents

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Main Message: It is based on the premise that regular contraceptive use by teens can be increased by offering information, social support, and counseling, in addition to health and medical services. Accordingly, the program aims to provide family planning services in a manner that will increase teens' sense of comfort, increase their self-confidence, and reduce any fears that may discourage regular and effective contraception.

Target Population: Suburban and rural, white, teenage women, age 17 and younger.

Length: Total of three visits in six weeks as well as six month and one year follow up.

Program Size: On individual bases.


  1. Clinic Based Education, counseling and contraception services.
  2. Tailoring to meet the psychosocial information, reassurance, and support needs of youth.
  3. Personal Information Form.
  4. Increase counseling time.
  5. Six weeks, including two-part first appointment and follow up appointments.
  6. One on one education and counseling.
  7. Reassurance of confidentiality.
  8. Training for counselor educators, clinic staff and all staff members.