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Sex Can Wait Middle School Version ONLY

Curriculum Source: Not Available

Main Message:Designed to promote sexual abstinence as the best decision young people can make for themselves

Target Population: Both genders from all racial backgrounds in 7th- 8th grades


Program Size: Not specified


The guide is divided into three general areas of emphasis. These sections are divided into six units that focus the content of the curriculum.

  1. "Knowing Myself," helps students feel good about who they are as individuals; presents factual information relating to male and female reproductive anatomy and physiology, and the changes of puberty; and deals with the establishment of values and decision making.
  2. "Relating to Others," is devoted to communication skills, family, friendship, dating, and sexual decision-making.
  3. "Planning My Future," contains one unit on goal setting and life planning. It is designed to help students discover a sense of connection between their decisions and behavior and life outcomes.