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Rikers Health Advocacy Program (RHAP)

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Main Message: This program is designed to produce problem-solving skills for HIV/AIDS prevention among high-risk youth, particularly drug users and youth in correctional facilities. The program focuses on problem orientation, defining and formulating a problem, generating alternative solutions, decision making, and implementing a solution. 

Target Population: Males who are in correctional facility settings ages 16-19 years old.

Length: Two week intervention with two one-hour group sessions each week for a total of four sessions.

Program Size: Small group sessions with eight participants per same sex group leader.


  1. Group discussion and lectures.
  2. Sexuality/STD/HIV/AIDS education.
  3. Self-efficacy, self-esteem, and behavioral skills development are taught.
  4. Contraceptive education along with STD/HIV/AIDS prevention methods.