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Promoting Health Among Teens! Abstinence-Only Intervention (formerly known as Promoting Health Among Teens!)

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Main Message: This comprehensive abstinence and safe sex intervention provides youth with information about abstinence, safer sex practices, pregnancy prevention, and the prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It is designed to improve awareness and knowledge about HIV/STIs, increase understanding of how abstinence can prevent pregnancy, STIs, and HIV, strengthen behavioral beliefs that support condom use, and build refusal and negotiation skills for practicing abstinence, as well as, for effective use of condoms.

Target Population: African Americans of both genders from low-income areas in 6th- 7th grade.

Length: 12 modules delivered over two or three consecutive Saturdays for a period of 8 to 12 hours.

Program Size: Not specified.


  1. Increased knowledge about prevention of HIV, STDs, and pregnancy.
  2. More positive attitudes/beliefs about abstinence.
  3. More positive attitudes/beliefs about condom use.
  4. Increased confidence in their ability to negotiate abstinence.
  5.  Increased confidence in their ability to negotiate safer sex and to use condoms correctly.
  6. Increased negotiation skills.
  7. Improved condom skills.
  8. Stronger intentions to abstain from sex, or use condoms if they have sex.
  9. A lower incidence of HIV/STD risk-associated sexual behavior.
  10. A stronger sense of pride and responsibility in making a difference in their lives.