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Making Proud Choices!

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Main Message: Presented abstinence as the best way to avoid HIV, other STDs and pregnancy. The program also discussed condom use as an important option for reducing risks for sexually active teens. Messages included participants should be proud of themselves and their community and that they should consider how taking risk today could prevent them from attaining their future goals.

Target Population: Both genders from all racial backgrounds, 11-13 years old.

Length: Eight lessons, 1 hour sessions or in four 2 hour sessions.

Program Size: 6-12 participants.


  1. Helping teens define goals and consider how having sex could prevent them from achieving those goals.
  2. Increasing knowledge about HIV/STD and pregnancy.
  3. Discussing attitudes towards abstinence, HIV/STDs and pregnancy.
  4. Teaching skills for negotiating condom use.