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Curriculum Source: Program materials are available by contacting Ralph DiClemente, Ph.D., Emory University Rollins School of Public Health at

Main Message: HORIZONS is a culturally tailored STD/HIV intervention for African American adolescent females seeking sexual health services. The intervention aims to reduce STDs by improving STD/HIV risk-reduction knowledge and condom use skills, facilitating communication with male partners about safer sex practices and STDs, facilitating male sex partners’ access to STD screening and treatment, and reducing female adolescents’ frequency of douching.

Target Population: African American females who are sexually active seeking sexual health services, 15-21 years old.

Length: Two 4 hour group sessions on two consecutive Saturdays, followed by 4 (15-minute) telephone contacts approximately every 2.5 months over approximately nine months.

Program Size: Small groups.


This program consists of three components: One- Group Sessions, Two- Vouchers, and Three- Telephone Contacts.

Group Sessions:

  • Intended to foster a sense of cultural and gender pride and emphasize the diverse individual and social factors contributing to adolescents’ STD/HIV risk.


  • This component includes distribution of $20 vouchers redeemable by participants’ male partner(s) toward the cost of STD services.

Telephone Contacts:

  • Includes a total of four (15-minute) follow-up telephone contacts, one every other month, to reinforce prevention information presented in group sessions.