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Focus on Kids: An HIV Prevention Program for African-American Youth

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Main Message: This program is a culturally based HIV risk reduction intervention program directed towards both genders of the African American community who engage in high-risk sexual behaviors.  FOK aims to increase awareness about condom use, intention, and perceptions about condom use. 

Target Population: African American youth that are considered high risk, both genders, ages 9-15 years old.

Length: Eight 1.5 hour weekly sessions plus an optional one-day retreat.

Program Size: 6-10 participants.


  1. Adult involvement
  2. Group discussion, lectures, role play, and video
  3. Peer counseling/instruction
  4. Behavioral skills development, contraceptive education, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and community outreach
  5. Sexuality/STD/HIV/AIDS education and life option enhancement education