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Draw the Line / Respect the Line

Curriculum Source:

Main Message: Healthy sexual limits will keep youth safe from HIV, other STDs and unplanned pregnancy.

Target Population: Both genders in middle school from all racial backgrounds.

Length: Three year program (6th- 8th grade). Total of 19 lessons over 3 years; one hour for each lesson.

Program Size: Classroom


  1. Not having sexual intercourse is the healthiest sexual limit for students in middle school.
  2. Students can set sexual limits.
  3. Students can be motivated to maintain their limits.
  4. Students will encounter challenges to their limits.
  5. Students can overcome challenges to their limits.
  6. Students who respect the limits of others will be less coercive.
  7. Each student has unique needs.
  8. Condom use is essential protection for those who are sexually active.