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Assisting in Rehabilitating Kids (ARK)

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Main Message: Assisting in Rehabilitating Kids (ARK) is an intervention designed to increase abstinence, increase safer sex, and reduce risky sex behaviors in substance-dependent youth. The intervention is delivered in small groups after the participants’ initial detoxification in the drug treatment facilities.

Target Population: Both genders from all racial backgrounds that are substance-dependent in residential treatment facilities with an average age of 16 years old.

Length: 12 sessions 90 minutes each.

Program Size: Small groups of mixed gender.


  1. Sessions 1–2: Information. Standard HIV/STD prevention and transmission information is presented in these two sessions.
  2. Sessions 3–11: Behavioral Skills. Five behavioral skills sessions are based on the Becoming a Responsible Teen (BART) intervention and provide training and practice for correct condom use, negotiation and refusal skills, and communicating information and skills to peers. Problem-solving and anger management skills relevant to drug-dependent adolescents are taught in four sessions.
  3. Session 12: Motivation. This session introduces an emotion-based risk-sensitization manipulation. It entails taking a digital photograph of each participant and digitally transforming it to depict how one might appear at end-stage AIDS. A discussion follows, focusing on adolescents’ emotional responses and the effect of the images on their willingness to engage in risky or safer sexual behaviors.