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Adult Identity Mentoring (Project AIM)

Curriculum Source: For information obtaining materials contact Leslie Clark at UCLA Children’s Hospital LA at

Main Message: Project AIMis a school-based program for middle school students designed to promote abstinence, delay the initiation of sex, and decrease the intention to engage in sex. To accomplish this, the program seeks to help adolescents form their “adult identity” by helping them to articulate their future goals and think about how risky behavior choices might jeopardize their path toward achieving those goals.

Target Population: Both genders African American middle school students who are low-income between the ages of 12 -14 years old

Length: 10 sessions that take place over one to two days per week over a period of six weeks

Program Size: Groups of 10-25 participants


1.      Unit 1: Legacy, Role Models, and Peers (three sessions). Students conceptualize legacy in their own lives and their future.

2.      Unit 2: Self-Projection: Expanding Visions of Possible Selves (two sessions). Students identify and research relevant occupations.

3.      Unit 3: Self-Expression Through Work: Development of Possible Self (two sessions). Students identify necessary skills to be competitive and learn the value of self-presentation specific to the desired future self.

4.      Unit 4: Skills of Fulfilling Positive Future Possible Selves (three sessions). Students gain skills to promote life goals and generalize skills.