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¡Cuídate! (Take Care of Yourself)

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Main Message: The word ¡Cuídate! means “take care of yourself,” which is the theme of this program designed to reduce HIV sexual risk among youth. Today, all teens face many health risks related to sexual behavior, such as unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV and AIDS.

Target Population: Hispanic youth of both genders 8th-11th grades

Length:  Six 60-minute modules

Program Size: Small groups of mixed gender


  1. Influence attitudes, behavioral and normative beliefs, and self-efficacy regarding HIV risk-reduction behaviors, specifically abstinence and condom use by incorporating the theme of ¡Cuídate!—taking care of oneself and one’s partner, family and community.
  2. Highlight cultural values that support safer sex, and reframe cultural values that are perceived as barriers to safer sex.
  3. Emphasize how cultural values influence attitudes and beliefs in ways that affect HIV risk-associated sexual behavior.
  4. Emphasizes increasing skills and self-efficacy in communication and negotiation of condom use or abstinence with sexual partners and developing technical skills needed for correct condom use.
  5. Provides important information about how to prevent HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as the risk of HIV infection for youth.