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First Day Replay

Monday, October 3, 2016

By: Crystal Booker, Copywriter

She’s here! 

Today officially marks the first day on the job for new SC Campaign CEO, Beth De Santis.  First days are often filled with equal parts excitement and nervous jitters, but no one could tell with Beth as her quiet confidence filled the office, making it feel as if she had been with the SC Campaign all along.  Coming in on the morning of October’s staff meeting, the team got a chance to meet her as a full group for the first time. 

“I wouldn’t have come here for this job if what you were doing wasn’t already awesome,” said De Santis.  With a true passion for working with pregnant and parenting teens, De Santis is eager to put her knowledge and expertise to use as we continue to strive for lower teen pregnancy rates throughout the state. 

For now, De Santis will be focused on getting to know SC Campaign team members and partners.  Learning the ins and outs of an organization is no easy task, but we are confident in her ability to get the job done. 

Welcome to the team, Beth! 

To find out more about SC Campaign CEO Beth De Santis, read our official CEO announcement, here.

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