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College Connections

Friday, September 2, 2016

By: Crystal Booker, Copywriter

Our partners at Darlington County First Steps (DCFS) are not only doing a great job with pregnant and parenting teens, but are using local colleges to expand their outreach efforts.   Ashley Holman, PAF Project Specialist and Jon Flowers, Fatherhood Specialist, were able to attend Coker College’s Cobra Fest, engaging students by providing fun giveaways and promotional items.

We received this message from Brenda Howell Ayers, PAF Project Director at DCFS, detailing their successful outreach efforts.

“Ashley and Jon set up a recruitment/information table at Coker College for their Cobra Fest.  They talked with hundreds of college students, gave away more than 1,000 condoms and demonstration cards, and gave away more than a hundred Not Right Now promotional items.  They talked with the student government president while they were there and will be meeting with him later to set up other recruitment events and participate in hall meetings.  That will allow us to meet with students and resident assistants to make them individual condom access points at the college as well as give us access for promoting our programs.  I am very proud of the work they do!”

DCFS continues to be innovative in their strategies to reach youth in Darlington and sharing their knowledge with programs around the state.  Check out to learn more about their community efforts and to get involved.

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