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Love is Drama

Monday, May 16, 2016

By: Crystal Booker, Copywriter

As a part of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy has given out mini grants to organizations across the state interested in holding events that focus on teen pregnancy prevention.  With a host of activities gearing up for the month of May, the SC Campaign has been excited to witness some of the events we have helped to fund.  

Here is an account from Beth DeHart, Expanding the Reach Project Manager, as she beams proudly over an SC Campaign sponsored event held by the Columbia's Children's Theatre.  An active member of the theatre, DeHart was able to attend and was floored by the response of parents and teens to the event.  The theatre hosted the play "Romeo and Juliet" which was followed by a discussion about love, sex and relationships between attendees and a panel of local experts.

"Man, the event at the Columbia Children’s Theatre was SO GOOD!! We’ve never done anything like that before, so it was hard to know what to expect. But, there was GREAT interaction between the cast, three school psychologists (who volunteered to sit on the feedback panel), and the audience. It was a great conversation about relationships that engaged children and their parents. We gave away almost all the swag we brought, and many people commented afterward saying they really enjoyed both the Romeo and Juliet performance, as well as the panel discussion. But, there was one thing in particular I wanted to share. I received this note from a lady I know who came with her partner and two children:

'We thoroughly enjoyed that performance last night. Led to a good conversation on the way home about STDs (sparked by the parents pamphlet). *Sarah has determined she wants no part of that 'sex thing'...she'll just adopt!' 

Wow… I don’t know how/when/if this family would have talked about STIs (they probably would have eventually), but to know our efforts spurred that conversation and encouraged even more parent/child connectedness?  My world is bright and shiny today!

 I’m super happy with how it turned out! Hope to do something similar again in future!"

Throughout the month of May, the SC Campaign will continue to host community events across the state that celebrate National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month and the progress we have made as a state and nation thus far.  

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